Deploying NodeRED project support


I’m wondering how to put the project feature to good use in a cloud environment (currently on Heroku). I can securely deploy ssh keys, so I wouldn’t need to use ssh-keygen.

What I’d love to do:

  • Use a sshkey I provided
  • Tell the runtime (e.g. headless deployed) what Project to checkout at startup. Eventually use a git deploy key to retrieve
  • Have an admin command to tell a runtime to load a different project (that would make an interesting CI: on deploy to the ‘master’ branch send a command to all instances to load that one

Has this been given some thought? Areas I could help?



yes, this is something we’ve been thinking about. There are some notes on the wiki about it:

I’ve also recently write a post on how to setup a CI pipeline between Node-RED running locally and Node-RED running on the IBM Cloud -