Deployment question (github, docker etc)


I have a setup that looks like this:

  • A github repo that has Node-red deployed as a npm module with a flow file in the repo
  • Github actions that based on a Dockerfile publishes images to dockerhub
  • Team of developers

What I want to achive:
I want to organize my node-red flows so I can have:

  • One set of flows related to 'core-services'
  • Several set of flows, grouped in some way based on Organization specific flows e.g. OrgA flows in one place and OrgB flows in another place
  • I would like to be able to build different images so I for example can have different docker images for:
  • only core-services + OrgA
  • core-services + OrgA
  • core-services + OrgB
  • core-services + OrgA + OrgB

Any ideas on good ways to organize this?

Hi, perhaps my suggestion doesn't match what you are asking 100% but it may be close or even enough to satisfy your needs.

Take a look at FlowForge. Out of the box, you get management of node-red instances, user management, teams & much more.

You can run it all in the filesystem or docker or k8s or cloud.

FlowForge - first month is free

For full disclosure, I am a core maintainer for node-red & I work for FlowForge.

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