Devops Pipeline integrates with other applications

Hello , I think it might be a good idea to add features on flowfuse platform where we can integrate the devops pipeline with other application device to push the snapshots automatically where after the development production stage then we can push to other actual production devices that needs the same snapshots as the development production

The reason are because we have one application per client and each of that application have their own respective devices , So i would like the pipelines to get triggered and push the snapshots to the respective production device if possible , what are your thoughts ? Thanks

Hey @Anmirazik,

When you say integrate with other applications, do you mean other applications within FlowFuse and potentially other teams within the platform?

No no , i mean application within the flowfuse platform , i saw now we can only do dev ops pipeline per application and that pipeline cannot be linked to another application which have another sets of devices within the flowfuse team

What i mean is lets say i have 3 application within one flowfuse team

  1. Application A
  2. Application B
  3. Application C

I have devops pipeline for each application to push the snapshot but now each of these applications , their dev ops pipeline are not connected , what i would like to do is basically lets say

I have application A where i do my development , testing and all that on a device linked with application A and I want to push the snapshot to other devices which linked to another application , I cannot do that since the dev ops pipeline only allows me to push snapshot within devices linked to the same applications and not different applications , does it make sense ? :sweat_smile: I think by catering this issue it would help a lot of other users as well since we can separate the development applications environment with production applications environment , thanks

Hey @Anmirazik,

Yes. It does make sense. In your example, the 3 applications are vary similar, but not exact matches. You would like the option to say port a snapshot of the Dev box A to Dev box B. Do your adjustments that make A and B not similar enough to keep them in the same application and then deploy.

It is similar enough to be placed under same applications , tbh i found a workaround to do this where I could just linked all the devices within one applications and separate my production device by device group within that same applications . But tbh I still think It is preferable to have the ability to port the snapshots to other device bound to another applications

I think the better questions is what are the best practice to implement the dev ops pipeline within flowfuse platform ?

Lets say I have 3 clients which is A , B and C who are using the exact same program / solutions , how do you suggest I organise these clients to implement dev ops pipeline for a seamless deployment process ? For now I organised it by Application A , B and C but with these type of architecture , I found out that each application within the flowfuse platform are separated so I cannot integrate the dev ops pipeline to make a seamless deployment process , how do you suggest I cater these issues ? Thanks !

Hi , i would like to have some suggestions regarding this issues , thanks

Have you looked into Device Groups within an application? Then, you can make a couple of pipelines for each one.