Disable/Enable flow Tab via Admin API

Hi nodered Experts,

Just wanna know if someone here already tried to enable/disable a whole flow tab using the Admin API?
I can actually disable / enable it however there is a strange things happen,
If I disable the flow tab, it will delete all the nodes (content) of that Tab which is not normal.

The code below, this is how I call the admin API to disable/enable the flow.

You are essentially PUTing an empty flow.

Iirc, you need to send the complete set of flows (with your desired enable/disable change value) in a POST with the header Node-RED-Deployment-Type set to node
See: POST /flows : Node-RED

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Hi thanks for the information! It works now :slight_smile:
By just giving the nodes[array], you point me on the right solutions.

hello Henjoe,
i had seen your post that you are trying to enable/disable flow in node-red. same i am also trying but was unable to do, can you please post your flow here
it would be great help
thanks in advance

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