Disable ui tab of Dashboard

Hello together,

I'm try to enable/disable in my node-red app. The Idea is disable at the beginnig my tabs and after a successfully login (only if success), then will be enable the tabs. I have try with this code but its not work properly.

    "tabs": {
        "enable": [
            "Tab 2",
            "Tab 3",
            "Tab 4"

Then I would like some help with this, thanks.

What have you done with that?

sorry, I have putted in a change node and connected with a ui_control node. But that do nothing with the tab

Add a debug node showing what is going into the ui_control node and screenshot that here please. Also a shot of the Dashboard Layout tab.


I have recieved the following in Debug Node


And this ist my Layout


You appear to be sending the data in msg.ui_control. Looking at the help screen for the ui_control node it says it should be in msg.payload.

it's right. I have change to set into msg.payload but it is any change of the state Tab ?? some another idea?

Do you mean it still isn't working?
Show me what is going into the ui_control now please.

Here the Debug output:

I mean that the Tab will be not enable when logging success

Do you mean that the flow is not sending the enable message when it should or that the enable message doesn't enable the tabs? I am confused because you have shown the rest of the flow rather than just what is going into the ui_control node.

What OS are you running on?
Can you restart node-red in a terminal please and post the full log up to the point where it should enable the tabs please. It is the log including the Welcome to node-red message. Use the </> button above this window when pasting it in here.

I mean that the enable message don't enable the tabs.

I run the Node-Red in the Cloud (IBM Cloud), then I can't send you the full log .

I don't know whether that is correct or not. However, instead, tell us what version of node red, the dashboard, and nodejs you are using.

I am using :

  • NODE-RED : v1.1.3
  • node-red-dashboard : v2.23.2
  • nodejs : unknow Version

Do you mean you can disable them but not enable them again?

Yes I disable the Tab manually in the Layout :

but after my flow execution ( with the ui_control node), don't change it to ENABLE

It won't change it to Enabled in the editor, but it should enable it in the run time, so you should be able to select it via the menu dropdown in the dashboard. When they are disabled you can't select via the menu.

yes I can't select it in the dropdown menu by the dashboard. This is the problem ... I want to do in the flow.
At the beginning is the Tab DISABLE , then if the User was logged succesfully . I will be enable the Tab in the dashboard.

Sorry, I am out of ideas then.

Anybody else got any suggestions?

ok Thanks you so much.

A couple more thoughts.
If you start with the tabs enabled are you able to disable them via the flow?

Which browser are you using? Are you able to try another (Firefix, Chrome)?
If still not joy Open the browser's Developer Console and see if there are any errors shown when you enable/disable.