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Hello to all

I currently have an incident that I have not been able to resolve and also I do not have much experience.

I have noticed that all my mqtt in , disconnect in a very continuous way and take a few seconds to reconnect.

What can I do to solve this so that they are always connected as before?

I appreciate if you can help me !

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Welcome to the forum @CamiloGaviria0

The most common cause of this is that multiple clients are attempting to connect to the broker using the same Client ID. In node-red the best thing is usually to leave the client id empty, then node-red will generate a unique id for you.
Also make sure in the MQTT nodes that you only have one broker config for each broker. When you click on the Server dropdown in the node you should only see one entry, unless you are accessing multiple brokers, in which case there should be one for each broker.

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Yes, indeed! I solved it by leaving the "CLIENT ID" blank. From now on it is always connected.

Thank you for your support !

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