Display a gif on dashboard using the http in & response


I'm trying to display a .gif in a table on the dashboard (for a cell which is blinking white and red).
But how ever I have no idea how to get the .gif from a folder on the pc into nr-dashboard.
Can anybody help me?

Try reading this thread which should get you started Getting image in dashboard

I try so but for my node-red on windows it doesn't work.

settings.js changes

(I also try with "httpStatic: 'C:\pictures" and "httpStatic: 'C:/Users/xxxxx/..."

console Error

I dont know what i do wrong. With node-red on my Raspberry Pi this works.. (but I need it to work in Windows too)

You are missing a , behind the line.

yes, you re right. I just fixed it :slightly_smiling_face: