Display rstp video on dashboard


I am trying to display my cam stream to my dashboard, I have look a lot of videos and article but I can't make it to work.

I have Foscam VZ4 4MP Outdoor Security WiFi Camera can you PLSEASE show me how.

If you search the forum for "Foscam dashboard" there are several hits... including IP Cam Stream on Dashboard

Do they not work any more ?

Thanks for your fast response, I try this one IP Cam Stream on Dashboard changing the URL to this one that Foscam . This list work and show my the stream on a browser.

It gave me this error Request failed with status code 404 on the Multipart decoder.

@telescopio, i can help you, but i need a few details first, since most of my answers to any type of video / ip cam will be using ffmpeg.

  • Are you familiar with FFmpeg?
  • Can you view your video cam using VLC?
  • Which nodes have you installed and how have you tried to make it work?

Hi @telescopio,

It looks to me that you are mixing things. You say that you want to capture an RTSP stream. But you als say that you get an error on my multipart-decoder node, which can be used only for MJPEG streams. And in your url I see "cmd=snapPicture": are you sure that is an url for a live stream? Don't know anything about Foscam, but looks to me like an url to get a single snapshot JPEG image...


How many cameras do you have/want to view?

I use node-red for all of my nvr viewing needs but I use a motioneye to get my video streams and videos into node-red dashboard. <------ just another thought on how to skin this cat. Dealing with getting node-red to handle the stream is a pain.

This is node-red dashboard handling getting my videos by date and time.

First thank for your time

No I not familiar with ffmpeg
Yes I can see video in VLC
I try mjpgcamera, onvif-nodes, puppeteer-new, rstp and many other following soem videos bout they don't wrk with the cam foscam Zv4 that I have
I was not able to make it work, I was able to take a screenshot and see on the flow ,

I am willing to make any change to make ti work.THis is for a backyard observatory project that I am working on if, I have all the flow for the full automation of the OBS, but the camera is killing me

I have some knowledge of programing and that is why I work out the flow to control the OBS. Is tes an is working and what I need are the cam to be able to see it live since I going to installaed on a remote location. ANy help will be apreciate

Luis RIvera
Puerto RIco

Yes you are right that is the only url that I make it work and it bring a JPEG image. I was looking to see is I can update the image so I can see what is going in My remote backyard observatory. I have a flow that is controlling all the equipment but I am stuck with the cam. Any help will be appreciate

Thanks for your time, I want only one cam

Set the camera to mjpeg output and use that stream like this -

Step1: Set the MJPEG stream format:

http://ip address:port/cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=setSubStreamFormat&format=1&usr=xxx&pwd=xxx

Step2: Get the MJPEG stream:

http://ip address:port/cgi-bin/CGIStream.cgi?cmd=GetMJStream&usr=xxx&pwd=xxx
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I was able to connect using this url http://ip address:port/cgi-bin/CGIStream.cgi?cmd=GetMJStream&usr=xxx&pwd=xxx. Can you let me know show me how to make the flow and to display on the dashboard
I will try to see it a can do it in the mean time


I use this flow [node-red-contrib-multipart-stream-decoder (node) - Node-RED]
with this url ```
http://ip address:port/cgi-bin/CGIStream.cgi?cmd=GetMJStream&usr=xxx&pwd=xxx

if you open that url in a browser do you see live video ?

If so then a simple ui template node using the url as image src should work.


Thank I did it, using a template and Encode. Thanks to all member for your help and a VERY happy NEW YEAR to all


You are always welcome to help @kevinGodell and me to improve our pain-nodes :wink:


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