DNS retry on HTTP Request node

Now and then I get intemittent DNS errors resulting in the node throwing an error. Because this is intermittend I have build my own retry flow using catch node etc.

This seems a bit bulky for a simple retry functionality on a http request. This also becomes a problem as I need to do this for each HTTP request node.

Is there no way to do retry in the HTTP request node? Could this otherwise be an improvment to implement?

You could simply put the request with its retry loop in a sub-flow. Then just always pass in the required data and you can reuse the flow anywhere. You could, of course, do the same with a flow triggered from a link-call node.

Yes I tried that, but as I understand there are a few things that can only be configured in the node properties and can't be abstracted in a subfloe. Like proxy settings TLS config and return type.

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