Do flows stop working if you don’t click deploy on other flows you edited?

I have a flow I am still working on and that is independent from another flow that detects if away. However I didn’t click deploy on that testing flow and right now I was expecting my away flow to trigger and nothing, nothing!!! I don’t understand what is happening and not having logging data sent to a phone is really not good.

In fact the away flow has another flow that sends parsed log data to my telegram and that didn’t fire either.

In a word... No

If you didn't deploy, there will be no changes to what for is running in the node red runtime.

You may have a different issue

Ok yea I assume a different issue just had to ask as I was testing tremendously my away flow today and it was working sending me notifications at every step of the flow and now that I’m testing it by actually leaving the house to go eat what I expected did not happen. No notification whatsoever. Granted it could be an issue with the telegram flow instead of the away flow as that one is so finicky

Well the telegram node seems pretty rock-solid and I never have more than a few minutes delay, usually within seconds, generally within a second or 2 at the most.

For some reason there is this range error i get if i don’t deploy the full flow. Do you get this error? I may have to post this in another thread specific for telegram flow.

No, I don't get that. Though I'll admit that I haven't changed my Telegram flows for a while as they are all stable. Since I've created a couple of flows to connect MQTT to Telegram, I can add any new informational messages - including formatting - without needing to change anything on the Telegram end.

Yes that is what I’m creating too with a function node so that I can have the telegram flow be a black box and I takes multiple inputs.

I use a change node immediately before sending to the bot. It uses the following JSONata to change the payload:

    "chatId": chatId,
    "content": "*" & $replace(topic, "_", " ") & "*\n" & $join($split(payload, "<br>"), "\n"),
    "type": contentType,
    "options": { 
        "parse_mode": "Markdown"

MQTT messages destined for output to Telegram have another change node that sets the correct chatId and:

As you can see, MQTT Telegram messages all start with the topic TELEGRAM/