Docker mosquitto.conf

Does anyone know how to edit and save the mosquitto.conf file in docker. i need to run docker as stjohnjohnson/smartthings-mqtt-bridge wont run in raspbian RPi4 on it own, well i cant get it to run anyway, been on this for 3 days now and got no where, once i can do this i can move on to stjohnjohnson/smartthings-mqtt-bridge, as i need to configure this to. any help much appreciated. Mark

What was the problem getting it running by installing with npm? The docs say that should work.

However, it seems that if you install it with docker you configure it to point to your own mqtt broker, so there is no need to run mosquitto in docker. Just edit the smartthings config.yml file and put your broker details there.

Hi Colin, couldn't get npm to work, it installed ok, but when i tried to install mqtt bridge, npm wasn't recognised, even after a reboot, anyway figured out how to update files in docker, so I,m going to use docker and portainer, i do like that setup. thanks for your help Colin. Mark