“All roads lead Rome,” holds true as to how one can combine Domoticz, Node-RED and Remote RED (iOS Application). Please find this humble contribution which suits our needs. One key constraint was that other home members could also benefit from the result. User Interface needed to be simple and intuitive. Applications may be robust but if their use is cryptic then they become a white elephant.

Our Domoticz server has remote access via RVNC Viewer and Termius Shell applications; however, these methods need some minimum computer skills which not all household members have. Furthermore, the iOS Domoticz application which we use in no longer supported by it’s original developer. The more reason to find another road.

Thus, the combination of Domoticz/Node-RED/Remote-RED. The latter iOS application allow remote access to Node-RED server from the internet after installing/configuring new nodes to Node-Red server. Please refer to smartphone application. Yearly fee of € 6,49 is in my opinion a good investment for a peace of mind. You then may share remote node information (QR code) in household. Palette should have new nodes as per figure below.

Remote-RED iOS UI

As previously mentioned this, solution suits our particular needs. If you wish to reuse these flows, you will need to adapt them.
Following are points to be checked.

• Is Marantz flow needed? If yes, create local dummy devices. 
    ◦ MRZ_PWR Light/Switch Selector Switch idx=1842
    ◦ MRZ_VOL General Sound Level idx=1843
    ◦ MRZ_SRC Light/Switch Selector Switch (Sources) idx=1844
• Configure Domoticz flow IP; Port; active Domoticz nodes, etc.
• Adapt MQTT.dzvents script to whatever data is sent to Node-RED. One minute execution should be sufficient.
• Z-Wave nodes (Motion Detectors, Door Switches, etc.) will send their information via JSON messages directly to Node-RED Domoticz MQTT interface.
• Configure domoticz/out MQTT – Domoticz out-bound messages.
• Configure domoticz/in MQTT – Domoticz in-bound messages.
• Please refer to   MQTT – Domoticz for additional payload formats.
• Using UptimeCounter as a Domoticz alive signal.
• Using a Linux shell script to disable sirens if needed.
• Using Node-RED Dropdown Menu to provide user with possibility to Disarm, Arm Home and Arm Away.
• Electric outlet switches can be controlled via Node-RED.
• Marantz basic functions are asurred.
• Remote-RED configuration node in excluded in post. Instructions in iOS application are quite explicit.

Please see attached Domoticz and Marantz Files for their respective flows
Domoticz.json (52.9 KB)
Marantz.json (46.4 KB)
. Somewhat large.

Hello again,

Forgot Domoticz Dzvents script to send values to Node-RED.

MQTT.txt (3.4 KB)