Download a file from dashboard


I would like to click on a button on the dashboard that would then trigger a flow and then download the file as a buffer.

How do I do this best?

Does anyone have a tip for me?

Thanks in advance.

You need to serve the file and then the client (browser) needs to request it.

To serve a file you can add a static entry in settings.js or you can use a pair of HTTP-IN ~ HTTP-Response nodes to create an endpoint.

Here is such an example to give you ideas: Download a file from node-red using standard nodes (flow) - Node-RED

How to do it?
And how will it work?

See httpStatic in Configuration : Node-RED

Also, covered many times on the forum

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Thank you very much.
Sorry for asking a banal question - I just didn't know what it was called yet httpStatic !
I'm going to study it now.

Maybe you will have a little time to answer a question near to this topic as a creator:

A solution has appeared:

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