Downloading image from webpage


I have some cameras setup which have a snapshot URL. The URL basically takes a snapshot of the camera image once executed.

The address for the snapshot is: http://mycamip/cgi-bin/snapsoht.cgi?channel=1

I have tried a http request node with method = GET and return set to a binary buffer. I get a response in the msg object but msg.payload is empty. Is there any way to download the image from the webpage?

Did the camera need a login?

What headers do you see in the network tab of the browser devtools when you access the snapshot URL in a browser?

Thanks for the reply.

The camera does need a login, I included that in the http request node.

In the network tab, headers are General / response and request headers.

Not sure what I should be looking for here :\

Try adding the same request headers to your request

Bleh I got it, had to use the digest authentication instead of using the username:password in the camera URL

How? Show us.

Also, what is the name and model of this camera?

Yup, that is where I was leading you to with the last question (we posted at the same time)

Glad it is resolved.

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