Dshboard LED flashing start/stop

Hi, all!

I'm trying to use the LED from node-red-contrib-ui-led. I want to change modes of the displayed LED to "on", "off" and "blink". Additionally I want to change the color like "red", "green", "blue", ... etc. for these modes. So a bit more "real":

While another task is "working" to, let's say, extract something, the LED should flash 400/600ms in red/off. Finished extracting the LED should stay off. Inserting material should flash the LED in green/off and ready inserting it should stay green. Error conditions should flash in yellow/off (maybe yellor/red or so later on).

My approach: I have an "inject" node telling the topic/payload of e.g. "blink"/"red" to a 1st "trigger" node. That one connects in a 1st out to an LED and sends the "existing" data to it, waits for 400ms and sends the "original" data via 2nd out to a 2nd trigger node. That trigger sends "off" to the LED, waits 600ms and then sends the "original" data back to 1st trigger, thus repeating on 400ms, off 600ms endlessly.

The only way right now to set the LED "off" (not blinking any more) seems to be to set the color to "off", too. So the LED flashes between "off" and "off" ;-). And I don't see a way to light the LED without blinking to e.g. "red".

Ah, an extension regarding the LED node: What would be the correct way to turn it "off" to a dark gray? Right now I see the glowing of the LED even when it is not "on". And I'd like to use the glowing border only when lit.


Ah, ignore the "extension"... I remembered that I've used that a long time ago already. Right now I had "off" with "dark gray" in the colormap of the LED. Just removing that entry leads to real "off" without glowing any more.

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