Dummy needs basic OS help

Hi All,

After taking a year off, I'm trying to get back into using my RasPI. I upgraded both N-R and N-R dashboard to the latest versions and now N-R refuses to run from the menu shortcut. I checked the shortcut properties and it's command line is "node-red-start" which fails. But if I run that same line from terminal, it starts.

I am soooo unfamiliar with any flavor of Linux, how do I fix the shortcut so it works correctly?



Most here, I suspect, don't use shortcuts to start node-red. Usually it would be configured to run automatically on boot, which can be done with the command
sudo systemctl enable nodered
That won't actually start it (unless you reboot) so use node-red-start to start it as you already know, and if you want to stop it node-red-stop.
I imaging that most also run the browser in their PC connected to node-red on the pi as that gives a much quicker UI (unless you have a Pi4 in which case there isn't as much difference).
None of my Pis have a keyboard, mouse or display connected and are entirely controlled via the network via the browser and via ssh for terminal control.

And I would use node-red-log, to watch what is going on, if in fact, node-red is tripping over something unexpected as it starts.

OK thanks, I'll try sorting this out. Found a few threads here showing how to install NR correctly, not sure if I did it that way, will reinstall if not.

Bigger problem is I can only sit at my desk for an hour before the old back acts up, then it's a couple days away from it. Sucks to be old!


Hey, hey, you might offend those of us that REALLY ARE VERY OLD... [cough]... I bet my back pain is worse than yours... [And the next guy says the same]...[And the next guy says the same]...[And the next guy says the same]...[And the next guy says the same]...[And the next guy says the same]...

Use the install script for installing on a pi from the node red docs.

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