Dynamic function call - eval alternative

Lets say i have function node that implements various api functions and I want to dynamically call those functions based on a msg property. In the browser one would call the windows[fn] but that is not available in nodejs, eval is possible, but generally not recommended. Is there better way (other than doing if/else if)?

function start(id){...}
function stop(id){...}

let fn  = msg.payload.fn    // start 
let id = msg.payload.id  

Put the code into an externnal module file and load it into the global vars in your settings.js

Then you can refernce it in a function node simply by doing a global.get.

Define your functions as properties of an object so you can reference them. (Which is what the window object basically is in the browser).

const myFuncs = {
   start: function(id) { ... },
   stop: function(id) { ... }
let fn  = msg.payload.fn    // start 
let id = msg.payload.id


Ah yeah ofcourse, the penny has dropped thanks, makes perfect sense.

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