Dynamic parameters inside nodes


Is there any way to declare and use a dynamic parameter inside node's settings without injecting everything to it ?
Most of the values there are static , only the Hostname in my case needs changing.

I have about 70 instances of the exact same flow that only has one variable that needs changing inside these nodes.

In this case, I would probably use the new link call and only have one flow that is called from 70 places (like a subroutine) and pass the variable part in the msg.

Alternatively, package this identical flow into a subflow & then create 70 instances each with their own env variables (or pass variable in the subflow)

When does it need changing - actually dynamically during runtime ? or is it "configurable" before deploy (and then static) ? If the later then you can also use environment variables to set it outside of Node-RED and then change it for that machine etc.

I have thermostat function through snmp on a IOT device that can read temperature and toggle a relay output. There is also time scheduling enabled in this. So, its a matter of reading and setting a few parameters through snmp on it.

I made one running instance and I need about 70 almost ideltical ones, apart from assigning diferent ips (and dashboard group outputs)

Since going copy/paste of it and manually changing each ip might take little a while.
I am looking for a easy way to multiply this flow.
Subflow method doesnt really work since i have more than one input/output enabled in this flow.

For now the only solution I got is to generate different flows by modifing the export content on the current flow.

Hi there, I don't think this is about creating custom nodes though is it? If not, could you please change the catgory for this post?

Dont really know which category this fits actually. Any suggestion ?


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