Easy node access. Is this another option?

I was just corrected about the way to access nodes in the edit screen with Control Left Mouse Button. (^LMB)

Though I don't use that option - yet - The entire layout of the left panel where the nodes are shown is problematic in some cases. And yes, I get it: You can't please all the people all the time.

But my twists on it are these:

It is nice to have subflows at the top; until you get a few of them. Then it is annoying.
Shrinking/collapsing them is ok, until you search for the next node and close the search. The collapsed subflow list is again expanded.

Favourite nodes. (Or: Often used nodes)
Which may be along the lines of the ^LMB option.
I've found that I seem to use a small sub-set of nodes a lot for most of my stuff.
But they are from a few different sections/branches of the node list (tree).
Now and then I need to get an exotic one, which is access either by scrolling or searching.
That then introduces the collapsed group problem when I exit the search.

With a manually set collapsed state: what about a user defined list of often used nodes?
This would be a copy of the nodes in the list. That way so as to not confuse (or trap) the user if the go off searching for the node when it is in their favourite list (and collapsed)
( :wink: )

Just a thought.
Thanks for looking/reading.

You can reorder the palette categories in settings.js: https://nodered.org/docs/user-guide/runtime/configuration#editor-configuration

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Hadn't though of that.

But the main idea of this is that you have a new category with mixed nodes from mixed parts of the list.

Also you can assign a category for your subflows from their configuration if I remember correctly.

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