Easy way to see jsonata version?

Maybe i'm blind, but can't find the jsonata version in the editor of my nr installation - is it there?

I think it is normally listed when it is updated on the GitHub release page.

Yeah, but i'm looking for it in the current instance of the editor - the nr version # is the last point in the menu, but clicking on it only shows the changelog (guess, somewhere there i would find it)...

It's also not visible in the jsonata editor (which would also be a good place - especially when missing functionality already listed in the jsonata wiki :slight_smile: )

Will be in the node-red package.json file

I dont understand - is it now or then possible to see the version in the editor?

the package.json shows all the library dependencies...
the dev branch I am on currently shows - "jsonata": "1.6.4",
but no - you can't see it in the editor.

ic...not the answer i was hoping for, but thanks for the clarification!

You can always require the package.json file and grab the value from it. If you need to regularly access that value, you can most easily do that in the settings.js file, adding it to the global variables.

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