Help me, please. What is the http request node suppose to do? when your flow doesn't run because it gives an ECONNREFUSED

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Rather than answer the question you posted, I'll ask:

What are you trying to do?
Because looking at what you have shown in/on the screen shot, I don't think it is the right node.
Depending on what you are wanting to do.

Hi,,please help me. I have a task which I have to finish soon. I have to connect node red with emoncms to create a dashboard but I'm stuck at the http request node which raises the error ECONNREFUSED What should I do?


Fix the server at the ip address given ? And as it is a public ip, i checked, there is no response from that server.

Belongs to iomart Hosting Ltd based in London so presumable some kind of customer of theirs.


That belongs to

Have you read the API documentation for that site?

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