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  1. When Logging into Nod-RED editor, I noticed if I do not log out, and just close the browser, I'm still logged in. When I open up the URL again it was logged in still. Is there anything I can do to force the editor to log out? Or will this need to be an added feature to always force the login page if there is security enabled? Or an option to work in both ways?

  2. Can Node-RED editor use Windows user Groups? Windows Active Directory logins?

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There is not currently any option to limit the login session to the browser session. But this isn't the first time it has come up - I'll see if we can add something in the imminent 2.1 release.

The adminAuth configuration is pluggable, so custom code can be added to validate users.

So in theory it would be possible to link with Windies groups, but I'm not aware of anyone having done so.

The security page in the docs talks about custom authentication schemes.

Thanks for the quick response.

And thanks for pointing me to the Security Page.

If anyone else has success in Windows Groups or Active Directory please post.

Also if anyone has keyword or a post here I have not found, please kick it my way.

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Are you referencing passport-windowsauth ? (Asking anyone who reads this) Have you used it and interfaced with Node-RED editor Login?

Thanks !

Sorry, not actually needed to use Windows auth I'm afraid.

It's OK. You've actually helped me to ask a better question.. and search criteria for the "Passport" and I found a bunch of entries regarding "passportjs". I also need to engage these posts for better understanding on how to use it if there is information therein. I'm currently reading through passport-windauth page for informaiton.

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