EditorTheme - unable to catch Login Event

Hi ,

Connected to Editior Theme - i would like to use the "login" event.
I have the adminAuth set to my user and password.

In settings.js , I have :

    editorTheme: {
		page: {
		scripts: 'C:/Users/SANDEEAG/.node-red/test.js',

In the test.js , I have done the below - but unable to get the login event.

$( document ).ready(function() {
	RED.events.on('flows:change',function(data) {

	RED.events.on('login',function(data) {
		console.log("Login 1" + data);

    RED.events.on('workspace:dirty', function(data) {  
	  	RED.events.on('login',function(data) {
		      console.log("Login 2 " + data);
        if (data.dirty) 
		     console.log("Data is dirty"); 
            RED.events.on('login',function(data) {
                  console.log("Login 4" + data);

  RED.events.on('deploy', function(data) {
            window.parent.postMessage({changed:false}, '*');


The reason i have multiple functions for login- is to understand understand when it gets attached to "login" event.

Appreciate any help on this.
(I have been able to catch other events like workspace:dirty and flows:change etc.

After some digging - seems the issue is - some change was done with the login behaviour from 3.0 to v3.1.

In 3.0 - there was an option to login from the usermenu button. On logout the editor was still available - and user could login via. UserMenu.

But looks like that the option is removed in 3.1. On logout the user is moved to login modal. So only option is login via. modal.

And what i could check, login event is linked to the Usermenu - per my checks. (I may be completely wrongly.

@knolleary - sorry to specifically reach out to You - but based on the documentation of 3.1 i did not see any change of behavior documented for login. Was there a change here which may be potentially undocumented ?

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