Electrical water sprayer for plants?


I have few plants that I want to regularly spray with water during the winter.
Has anyone done this ? I am especially looking for a small electrical water sprayer which is suited for this.

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I have one, but it is ARDUINO based. Not node-red.

However the mechanics of it would be the same.

Mine isn't SPRAYING the plants. It is a 12v high pressure (low flow) pump.
I have x solenoids after the pump, and at a given time every day the arduino activates a solenoid (which also then turns on the pump) and keeps each one active for a given time.

The plumbing will be the more difficult part. Especially if you want to SPRAY the plants.

Mine is a 10mm rubber/plastic hose that just presents the water to each plant's pot.

But I don't mind helping you discuss how you want to do it.

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thanks for your summary. This sounds like quite some water is pumped, or ? My idea was to have
once an hour or so one "water mist cloud" going over the plants. So actually very little water throughput
and main purpose is to increase the humidity. I found following at ebay:

I think I will try with that one. I might measure humidity with a sensor and operate the humidifier
via node-red.

Yes, mine is a WATERING system. Not a humidifier.

My plants are outside and need a bit of water.

Also: I use grey water. So I have a tank and it only lasts 2 weeks then I have to refill it.

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