Electron-node-red no dashboard

I am trying to get Electron to build an AppImage using https://github.com/dceejay/electron-node-red .I have managed to get it running but only if I have "NRelectron-editable-true" as option. This will copy the flow files to the .node-red folder.

How should it work if I DO NOT want my flow files to be exposed? When I set "NRelectron-editable-false" as option the AppImage will not open the dashboard and the error "Can not GET /red" is displayed.

Is it possible to not expose the flow files and still run the AppImage with the dashboard exposed?

Yes being able to turn off/hide the editor is supposed to work.

Ok, thanks for confirming the general idea. The AppImage is running as it should, well except the dashboard. I don't really need the dashboard, but I didn't really see any other fairly easy way to pack node-red to an AppImage.

Is it possible to replace the dashboard with a static html file? That would do the trick for me. How would I go about to do that? Any ideas? Or suggestions?

I am building for arm7l but your example was a great starting point. Thanks for making it.

yes - in theory you should be able to just create what you need as an hmtl file and then replace the link around line 18 of main.js (or change line 24) etc - to point to your new file, as that should be what loads on start.

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