Email node configuration by input message

Hi and "moin moin" to everybody.

This is my first entry in this user forum.
I seriously played around wih node-red for a few months now.

I developed several flows with an email sending node from the "node-red-node-email" packages Version "1.12.1".
For general purpose i want to configure the Server, Authorization and port information for my SMTP-Server NOT within every single email-node.

Is there a way to pass those configuration values by message-in like topic, content , receiver and other variables in real-time?
Actually I want to store these settings in global context to reuse them everywhere.

Help is very much appreciated!
Thank you in advance.


I created a sub-flow with just the email node and the configuration and use the sub-flow instead of configuring the the email node every time. As far as I know, you cannot pass the configuration parameters into the node.

Hope this helps.

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You can use environment variables like Using environment variables : Node-RED - but these are read once at deploy time - so are ok on a case by case basis - ie can be configured once externally - but are not fully dynamic.

thank you!
simple and effective idea!
good things are nearer than expected.

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I took that in consideration already, but I wanted to avoid an "external" configuration setup.

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