Email Node, Not Attaching All files: Security reasons?

I have an email out node that won't take in an attached settings.js file.

The node I constructed obtains the flows.json file automatically with the package.json and settings.js files.

Errors when I include the settings... When I omit the settings file attachment, the email sends as intended.

I'm using Gmail, and I'm curious what's causing the error. Does Google not like .js files attached?

I just now changed the nodemailer object to change the settings.js to settings.js.bak suffix, and it works. I'm guessing this is a security thing on Google's end?

I think that is probably a good guess. Sending executable files is one of the ways hackers try to attack systems. If you can get your target to open an attachment and the os sees that it is an executable and runs it then you are 90% of the way there.

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I agree, I feel this is along the lines of security limitations via the Google platform.

It's no big deal in this case scenario, renaming the file and such, as I only need the backups.

I agree, I think so too.

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