Enable or disable processing or flows

I am new to Node-RED and starting to create flows.
I'm looking for a way to automatically disable processing or flows every 1st of the month or year.
Then I want to manually enable them

use a traffic node and use inject node to enable/disable on days you want flow to be enabled/disable.

You can also use node-red-contrib-simple-gate. It functions very much like the traffic node, with some added features and flexibility.

(The only think I like traffic more for is it allows true and false signals to control it too, where as gate wants text.)

Is there a particular reason for this?

How are the flows getting their input? (From where)

Where are they sending their output?

Could you send a screen shot of the flow - just out of curiosity.

Thanks for pointing that out. I think it is a trivial change to allow gate commands to be numbers or booleans. I will raise an issue for myself on GitHub and release an update as soon as I can test and document it.

Sorry for the delay but been crazy lately.
I have existing proprietary HVAC block program that I want to convert to
NODE-RED for my controller powered by Rasberry PI.
I have Inputs and Outputs on the controller and I want to perform
a local subscription that will require the process to be re-enabled
every month/year or the process will shutdown. It will take the OA weather
as input to the program and looking for security access options so
people cannot access the program.
Again, I am new to NODE-RED so just learning.

What is your flow?

How are the things "signalled"?

Quick overview
looking at OA weather and resetting a temp setpoint.
If OA temp is 90 deg then I want a setpoint of 55 deg
If OA temp is 55 deg then I want a setpoint of 80 deg

There are other modeling factors but the above gives you an idea

I think either a screen shot of the flow or posting the actual flow will yield faster results.

Try this:

Get a switch node and put it where the "OA weather" is shown.

Edit the switch node so:
if msg.payload == 90 --> output 1
if msg.payload == 55 --> output 2

HOW this is done depends if the msg.payload is a STRING or a NUMBER.
You will know this if it is RED or BLUE in the debug node.

Screenshot from 2020-03-24 08-22-14

If they are STRINGS (red)

Otherwise change the bits show to number.

That should get you going some way to what you want to do.

Hysteresis is the thing to look over the available contrib nodes

I have not created any flows in NODE RED yet but i will try your example to start.
thank you for getting me started

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