Proposal for a new (core?) node: Switch / Valve

I'm using NodeRED for many purposes. Often flows split. For example one inject node ends in 5 nodes. For development I'd like to "switch off" those "flow ends" which are not required for the current development focus.

For example I have a flow sending a message to telegram, an email and showing something on the dashboard. When telegram and email are tested, they should by switched off until production. I don't need every inject to send and email or a telegram message.

My proposal is a node that can be switched on and off and the state is always visible in the flow editor. This node just blocks the message going through when switched off.

This switch could look like the debug node on/off-switch.

The name of this node could be "valve" and it should be a core node.

Have you had a look at node-red-contrib-simple-gate which in combination with an inject next to it can do exactly this?
It won’t happen as a node that has a switch like the debug and an output at the same time as this is not considered a desirable design.
It’s recommended to either have a switch/button or an input/output but not both on the same side when designing nodes.


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The node node-red-contrib-simple-gate looks quite good for my proposal. Thank you for this hint.

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