Energy Management

Seaching for nodes for cost optimizing energy consumption in our home
challenge there is high variation on electricity price during the day
and from 1. of January there will aslo be introduced an aditional cost based on the higest peak load hour in a month

  • Turn on and off loads based on electricity price
  • Turn on and off loads to avoid high Peak Load

Well I guess the first thing you need is the price data from your energy provider. Do they have an API you can query on a regular basis?

The second thing to think about is what devices you can automate and which you will need to rely on manual warnings for.

If you can share some of that, perhaps people will be able to work up some ideas.

yes I do have price data already in my flow, and I have the 3 main loads controlable from my flow ( Outdoor SPA, WaterBoiler and Air HeatPump)
I have a flow that optimize based on price but need a new flow that takes both price and peak load limit into consideration for the optimizing strategy since the energy distribution company change price model from January

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