Energy meter dashboard in distress


I have a setup with Node-Red -> InfluxDB -> Grafana for visualizing data from my energy meter. This has been in use for abt three years, just working fine. All of a suden the Grafana panels are empty and I get the message "No host available" and "connect ECONNREFUSED" in NR.

I did not do anything prior to this.

My own theory is that some update took place and NR lost its rights to access the Influx DB... I am not a programmer so I really struggel with this... Where should I start...?

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How much disk space remains on the device and what device are you runing it on?
Have you done any upgrades recently and if so what were they?

  1. What device and OS are you running
  2. what version of Nee-RED and node.js (you can find this on the startup log)
  3. are you using Docker or HomeAutomation?

I have a retention policy. I have deleted the database to try to get it work. I think it was less than 5 MB at the time it worked.

Available disk content is 45%.

This is done on a RPI. I have done both update and upgrade on regular basis but not at the time for the "break down".

Node-Red: v1.0.3
Node.js: v12.22.12

I do not use Docker or HomeAutomation


Wow you Node-red is old, the curent version is v3.0.2

If you have been doing apt updates, Grafana would be updated and there may be an isue with your nodes on NR being too old.

My suggestion would be to backup your .node-red folder onto another device. (do a forum search using 'backup up node-red') Then get a new SD card and flash it with the latest Raspberry Pi OS using the Raspberry Pi Imager so you can setup some of the things like localization, user ID/password etc.

Then do

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

and the grafana, Infuxdb and node-red installs. Then you can copy your backed up node-red to that new SD card. At that point you should be able to test things out.

It's a bit time consuming (couple cups of coffee and a nice walk :grinning:) but then everything will be up to date!

Thank you so much for your advice! I will do this and revert with the result!



I have now re-installed the software and I am almost up n running again! Thanks for your advice and time. I wish you a Merry Christmas!!


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