Energycounter with Context

hey guys have a look at my Website:


Just had a quick look at your subflow, and it appears that you are simply aggregating the readings, regardless of how long there is between the readings.
The calculation for energy is power x time = energy, so if you don't know the exact time between the individual readings, the final result may not be accurate.

this Problem shuld handle the watt2kwh i thought?

Ah OK, the flow from your website is not wired to include the watt2kwh node in the flow, you may need to export it again.
If your readings pass through the watt2kwh node first, then yes, it would then be accurate.

oh thanks for your help and feedback, its my first Website :sweat_smile: Founded yesterday

Well you've done a great job, I'm sure it will help others :+1:

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