Error catching and a function node to indicate errors

Yes, I know I have been down here before.

I have since discovered the function of the "CATCH ALL" node.

So, to try and help myself on what is going on, I thought I would add a bit of extra stuff on that part of the flow.

[{"id":"e35ce20a.0fecd8","type":"catch","z":"b04360a6.da324","name":"","scope":null,"x":110,"y":1190,"wires":[["c31406ad.87dfa8","e237ff3a.70315"]]},{"id":"e237ff3a.70315","type":"function","z":"b04360a6.da324","name":"Name flow","func":"msg.topic = \"Logging flow\";\nnode.status({fill:\"red\",shape:\"dot\",text:\"ERROR\"});\nreturn msg;","outputs":1,"noerr":0,"x":270,"y":1190,"wires":[["6bce9b2f.0d9fb4"]]}]

The FUNCTION node also sets a RED marker if that node sees an error.

I'm guessing a FULL DEPLOY would reset it?
(No it doesn't)
The node is set to a red indicator. I've looked at the error. How do I remove the indicator?
If not that easy I may just not put the line in the node.

you’ve done if and else statements before.

If you see an error draw a red dot
else draw a green square

Here is an example showing a way to set/clear the status,

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I believe that a full deploy should reset it. Put a debug node on the output of the Catch and see if you are getting an error immediately on deploy.


Yes, I have done (and had fun with) IF ELSE statements.

But the part that has/had me stuck was that as far as I can see, the output is only there if an error has happened.

So if there isn't an error, there is no output. Anyway, I'll look at the example from zenofmud.



I hadn't got that far with the catchall node.


I may have been wrong in a FULL deploy doesn't clear it.

I mostly do modified nodes only. Sometimes a FULL.

I may have got the settings wrong when I posted it.


Take a look at the trigger node, that can send a second message after the first message comes in.
So for example if theres an error, 20 seconds after the error a second message is sent with a different msg that then allows you to do your IF ELSE statement to reset the marker


I installed the "DSM" node and ran the flow.

When I press the error injection node, I get an error (not as per the expected error)
"Unexpected token b in JSON at position 8"

Ok, let me explain.

I loaded your flow.

I press the "ERROR" injection and I expect an error.

But not an ERROR.

What do I mean?

Well, I am expecting a "legitimate" error to be made.

But rather under the DSM I get an error saying that message about the unexpected token b in JSON at position 8.

Looking at the error node and the ok node, I am suspicious that the error would be more to do with foo and bar.

Not "unexpected token......"

As I don't talk the talk, I am unsure if that is an honest mistake when you wrote the code or what.

So I am no further down the understanding path than I was.


I'll read your reply again.
Just in the mean time I seem to have killed my remote (main) NR machine and am suffering severe sinus problems.