Error con palette

Tengo problemas para descargar librerías en node red, me parece este error.

2022-02-15T05:20:14.400Z npm install --no-audit --no-update-notifier --no-fund --save --save-prefix=~ --production node-red-contrib-buffer-parser@3.2.2
2022-02-15T05:20:21.399Z [err] npm
2022-02-15T05:20:21.403Z [err]
2022-02-15T05:20:21.404Z [err] WARN
2022-02-15T05:20:21.404Z [err] npm npm does not support Node.js v10.24.0
2022-02-15T05:20:21.407Z [err] npm
2022-02-15T05:20:21.407Z [err] WARN
2022-02-15T05:20:21.408Z [err] npm You should probably upgrade to a newer version of node as we
2022-02-15T05:20:21.408Z [err] npm
2022-02-15T05:20:21.408Z [err] WARN
2022-02-15T05:20:21.409Z [err] npm can't make any promises that npm will work with this version.
2022-02-15T05:20:21.410Z [err] npm
2022-02-15T05:20:21.410Z [err] WARN
2022-02-15T05:20:21.411Z [err] npm Supported releases of Node.js are the latest release of 4, 6, 7, 8, 9.
2022-02-15T05:20:21.411Z [err] npm
2022-02-15T05:20:21.412Z [err] WARN npm
2022-02-15T05:20:21.412Z [err] You can find the latest version at

Welcome to the forum @JPgravier

What hardware/OS are you running on and how did you install node red?

You have at least 2 issues there.

  1. You have somehow ended up with a version of npm that is out of step with node.js
  2. You have a version of node.js that is no longer supported.

As Colin has indicated, if you tell us how you installed Node-RED and on what OS, someone will walk you through the update process.

If you are using uibuilder as you indicate. v4.1.4 of uibuilder is the current version and requires a minimum node.js version of v12.x, current versions of node-red have the same requirement.

@Colin @TotallyInformation estoy usando una orange pi, con sistema operativo armbian.

Not familiar with that so I may be of limited help.

However, if asked to guess, I would guess that Armbian has a version of Node.js in its standard libraries and that maybe they didn't include npm (a problem with old versions of Rasbian) and so things are out of step.

You still haven't said how you installed Node-RED though - that will make a difference to what we tell you to do next - or was that also pre-installed? What version of Node-RED is it?

lo instale utilizando este tutorial.

Old instructions - Did you go to the nodesource site and choose an up-to-date version of Node.js?

distributions/ at master · nodesource/distributions (

You should be using v12, 14 or 16. 14 is a good middle ground.

The other steps aren't too bad.

Despues de atulizar npm, nodejs y node red. me salen estos errores

2022-02-15T21:58:16.925Z npm install --no-audit --no-update-notifier --no-fund --save --save-prefix=~ --production node-red-contrib-modbus@5.21.0
2022-02-15T21:58:35.589Z [err] npm
2022-02-15T21:58:35.592Z [err]
2022-02-15T21:58:35.593Z [err] WARN registry Unexpected warning for Miscellaneous Warning EHOSTUNREACH: request to failed, reason: connect EHOSTUNREACH
2022-02-15T21:58:35.595Z [err] npm
2022-02-15T21:58:35.596Z [err] WARN
2022-02-15T21:58:35.597Z [err] registry Using stale data from due to a request error during revalidation.
2022-02-15T21:58:44.001Z [err] npm
2022-02-15T21:58:44.003Z [err] ERR! code EHOSTUNREACH
2022-02-15T21:58:44.003Z [err] npm ERR!
2022-02-15T21:58:44.004Z [err] errno EHOSTUNREACH
2022-02-15T21:58:44.051Z [err] npm
2022-02-15T21:58:44.053Z [err] ERR! request to failed, reason: connect EHOSTUNREACH
2022-02-15T21:58:44.081Z [err]
2022-02-15T21:58:44.082Z [err] npm ERR!
2022-02-15T21:58:44.083Z [err] A complete log of this run can be found in:
2022-02-15T21:58:44.083Z [err] npm ERR!
2022-02-15T21:58:44.083Z [err] /root/.npm/_logs/2022-02-15T21_58_44_060Z-debug.log
2022-02-15T21:58:44.111Z rc=1

For some reason, when you ran that, your device couldn't reach the npm registry site.

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