Error, Json string ends unexpectedly

So I am trying to publish some values to a topic using jsondoc, but unfortunately only some of the values get published. It sends 6 out of the 10. My memory is 256 for the doc here is the code. The output I get in node red is


I have an MQTT in node connected to debug node.

StaticJsonDocument<256> doc;

    doc["hat_temperature"] = 31.3;
    doc["hat_humidity"] = 27.55;
    doc["hat_pressure"] = 987.87;
    doc["Sen_temperature"] = dht.readTemperature();
    doc["sen_humidity"] = dht.readHumidity();
    doc["sen_brightness"] = 12;
    doc["sen_lights"] = "on";
    doc["sen_presence"] = "present";
    doc["ID"] = "HAMK_876";
    doc["message"] = "Test";
     serializeJson(doc, obj);

This is what my Arduino publish routine looks like. I had to increase the StaticJsonDocument size to 384 otherwise nothing got publish. It took a long time tracking down the problem. Hope this helps.

void publish_the_values()
  if (debug) {
    Serial.print("Celsius temperature: ");
    Serial.print(" - Fahrenheit temperature: ");
  StaticJsonDocument<384> doc;
  doc["report"] = "readings";
  doc["loc"] = location;
  doc["reason"] = reason;
  doc["batt"] = battery_voltage;
  doc["bb_C"] = ds18b20_temp_C;
  doc["bb_F"] = ds18b20_temp_F;
  doc["cf_t"] = cf_temperature;
  doc["cf_h"] = cf_humidity;
  doc["cf_p"] = cf_pressure;
  doc["ssid"] = WiFi.SSID();
  doc["rssi"] = WiFi.RSSI();
  doc["ip"] = WiFi.localIP();

  char buffer[384];
  size_t n = serializeJson(doc, buffer);

  char topic[40]; // 40 chars wide
  strcpy(topic, mqtt_publish_topic);
  strcat(topic, "/");
  strcat(topic, location);

  if (debug) {
    Serial.print("Publish topic: ");
  mqtt_client.publish(topic, buffer, n);
//------------ End of publish_the_values()

What did you use for calculating the value of the document?

In my situation nothing was being sent via MQTT, so I just increased the size from 256 to 384 (trial and error). I did try visually counting the characters in the message but gave up.
I'm using version 6 of the ArduinoJson library by Benoit Blanchon. There is an Assistant program on his website that enables an accurate length of the document-string to be calculated.

ok thanks, for your help. Realized my prob was that i used too long value names. Your value names are short so that helped me to realize my issue.

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