[error] [ui_template:um] RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded


Hello All

I have been playing with the ui-template, and now it got stuck.

I might have created some loop and now i got this error

[error] [ui_template:um] RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

The issue here is that the node-red got stuck and I cannot edit this flow to try to correct it,

Any suggestions ;

1- How to get rode red working in order to stop that flow
2- Any configuration suggestion to increase this stack size. ( considering I eliminate the loop)

Thank you all


This can happen when you pass the incoming msg through and it loops back into the input port. You will have to edit the flow file by hand, find the tab node that contains that ui_template node, and change the "disabled" property to true:

    "id": "acd0e374.cec54",
    "type": "tab",
    "label": "Flow 2",
    "disabled": true,
    "info": ""

Then when you restart node-red, that flow should be disabled, which allows you to fix the node properties. Double-click the tab and re-enable the the flow, and then deploy...


Hello Shrickus

Thank you it workded.....

Steve Rickus nodered@discoursemail.com escreveu no dia terça, 18/09/2018 à(s) 01:25: