Error while inserting uuid into sqlite3 in express

I required an error while inserting this dataset in my database: I am programing on express/node.js"INSERT INTO bestellung(rid,bid,tableno,drink,price,validation) VALUES(`""`,`""`,"+tableno+","+ name+","+kpreis+","+validation+")", (err) =>
        if (err)
            return console.log(err.message);
        console.log('Row was added to the table');

This is my express.js code. And this is the error I am receiving:

Connected to the chinook database.
SQLITE_ERROR: no such column: 89ce87ff-3e55-4660-b958-bc0cfd108413

Here is basically what I am trying to do: I want to insert two types of uuid into my database. I am using BLOB to save the uuid. This seems to work fine with uuid.v1() but using uuid.v4() doesn´t seem to work out.

Since it is both almost the same data:

a3f7f1a0-72b3-11eb-80b9-835df2abaa17 = v1 89ce87ff-3e55-4660-b958-bc0cfd108413 = v4

I wonder why it wont work...

Please help me! I am really getting crazy about this error. I already googled the error and the usage of uuid. It seems fine the way I am using it. Thank you in advance!

Build the sql statement as a string before executing it, and log it, to check exactly what is in it.

Hey Colin!
Thank you for your help!

Thats my statement:
INSERT INTO bestellung(rid,bid,tableno,drink,price,validation) VALUES(`47f7396e-899b-4ac4-b037-51edd97dbb1e`,`8f30eb80-72bf-11eb-989b-53bfe0c1cb7e`,2,Testdrinkdb,12.90,pending)
Connected to the chinook database.
SQLITE_ERROR: no such column: 47f7396e-899b-4ac4-b037-51edd97dbb1e

It seems like it looks for a column that doesn't exists.
I don`t know why it can insert the uuid.v1 but not the uuid.v4
BLOB should just do fine.
Thank you for the advice!

This is the db I visualized via sqlite viewer:

Sorry, I can't see anything wrong immediately, but I have not used that mode of operation.

well I guess I ll have to wait for someone else! :wink:
Thanks a lot for the help!"INSERT INTO bestellung(rid,bid,tableno,drink,price,validation) VALUES(`""`,`""`,"+tableno+","+ name+","+kpreis+","+validation+")", (err) =>

I notice that when you construct your sql query some VALUES are also surrounded with ` (backticks) .. i guess the ones that are supposed to be strings but some are not.

What if you try to use backticks for drink and validation columns also ?
for variables name and validation"INSERT INTO bestellung(rid,bid,tableno,drink,price,validation) VALUES(`""`,`""`,"+tableno+",`"+ name+"`,"+kpreis+",`"+validation+"`)", (err) =>

ps1. also it would be good to send your values in the sql run as parameters as to minimize the risk of sql injection. I dont know much about it but see an example of parameterized queries in this article

ps2. is this Node-red related ? :wink: or has the Node-red forum started attracting people for any coding problem ? hehe

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