exchange mild temperature over time

even as i have built an impressive quantity of flows for my clever home, now's the time i want some more brains to assist me :slight_smile:

what i want: exchange the mild temperature of my dwelling room lighting from the time they turn on until 23:00 the identical day. starting from 3500 kelving from the time they activate ending on 2500 at 23:00.

the lights are turned on step by step from any other glide (the use of a mild sensor and a variety node), so the on time in all fairness random. on the give up of the day the lights are grew to become of manually.

my preliminary mind were to again use a variety node to regularly exchange from 'ohgodmyeyes'-mild to 'candlelight-esque'. the main rub there is the dearth of evaluation scale. for the brightness this is finished by means of my mild-sensors, however there appears to now not be something like that for time.

in a really perfect international i might like something that interprets "ontime lighting fixtures" - "23:00" into a diminishing value for a range node, or something like that. if at all possible, i would also like to stay away from overly complex characteristic nodes. my js is minimal at excellent, and i might want to keep understanding my automations...

in brief: (convert time variety to variety) -> (cause on that quantity converting) -> (send range to a change node) -> (alter mild temp).

the final element (adjust mild temp) is the best one i'm presently able to... and whilst my answer works, based totally on a sequence of inject triggers, it's just too janky.

so, i would like to hear your thoughts!

Hi @AveryDawson. This question is virtually identical to one posted earlier. Have you joined the forum a second time? Are you not happy with answers to the previous post?

If you post your current "just too janky" flow, I'm sure that you will get suggestions for improvement.

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