Exec node in spawn mode output to file


I am trying to record a rtsp stream from IP camera to a local file using VLC. Command runs fine in nodered exec node in spawn mode.

cvlc rtsp:// --gl=glx --sout "#std{access=file{no-overwrite},mux=mp4,dst='/home/pi/vlctest/video_1.mp4'}" --sout-mux-caching=5000 :demux=h264

This is a long running process so I execute it in spawn mode.

I am trying to debug some other issues with recorded file file on production server so I added file logging in vlc using the command

cvlc rtsp:// --gl=glx --sout "#std{access=file{no-overwrite},mux=mp4,dst='/home/pi/vlctest/video_1.mp4'}" --sout-mux-caching=5000 :demux=h264 --file-logging --logmode=html --log-verbose=3 --logfile='/home/pi/vlctest/video_1.log.html'

The file logging works in exec mode but it doesn't work in spawn mode. Any reason why it is not working in spawn mode?

On production server, both mp4 file name and log file name are dynamic based on events received when to start and stop recording.

Have you checked all three outputs of the exec node to see if there is anything useful there?
If so then please post a small mini-flow that demonstrates the problem. See this link for how to share. How to share code or flow json

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