Exec Node /n issue in spawn mode


I'm using the Exec node to run python scripts.
When the spawn mode is selected (-u python command to disable buffering is included) I randomly get msg.payload that isn't terminated with /n.
The missing /n will then appear in a new msg.payload that only contains /n.


  1. (A) a normal msg.payload with the /n nicely intact.
  2. (B) the payload without /n.
  3. (C) the /n in its very own payload.

I'm certain this doesn't somehow originate from the python script since I've done some thorough testing and the output doesn't contain /n..

Off course I can filter / ignore this but I'm curious to know if its a known issue.


Perhaps it's python buffering the output.

You could try python -u scriptname as the command to disable buffering.

Should have mentioned, -u command is included.

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