Exec node need administrative right in windows 10

Hello All,
I'm trying to execute command from nodered exec node.
This specific command only need admin right.
Any alternative to execute admin level commands from nodered?

exec node err of amin right

Maybe you can share what command you try to use.
Security settings of this command can maybe be altered so no admin right are necessary.

Hi @edje11
Command is manage-bde -lock D: -ForceDismount
it's used to lock bitlocker enabled drive

Any changes to bitlocker MUST require admin rights. Anything else would be a serious security flaw.

If the PC is part of a managed service (e.g. InTune) or a member of a Windows domain, you should do this via a remote command using a service or account with domain privileges.

There are also PowerShell commands for controlling bitlocker but I'm pretty sure they will also need admin privalages.

BitLocker Module | Microsoft Learn

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This need exploration!
Thanks @TotallyInformation

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