EXEC works but I can't figure out how to convert it to use an http-request

MacOs Ventura 13.6
Node-red 3.1.1
Node.js v18.12.1

RPI 2 model B
OS: Bullseye
TickTockDB v0.12.1 (replacing Influx)

In NR (running on the Mac) I have an exec node that successfully stores data in the DB but I'm trying to convert it to use the http-request node and keep having problems.

This is what is sent to the exec node and it works:

  "_msgid": "5dd3fbca304156f1",
  "payload": "curl -v -POST '' -d 'put weather.t 1703845893 11.1 location=Hill_Street_Basement'",

and this is what's sent to the http-request node

  "_msgid": "69f9c4717e986b70",
  "url": "",
  "post": " -d 'put weather.t 1603845050 95.7 location=Hill_Street_Basement'",
  "payload": " -d 'put weather.t 1603845050 95.7 location=Hill_Street_Basement'"

which is configured like this:


  • Once I get this working I will be writing-up and posting my installation procedure and my flow accessing it.

Normally like this:

  "url": "",
  "payload": "put weather.t 1603845050 95.7 location=Hill_Street_Basement"

Thank You! You have made my day!

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:smiling_face: Thanks, you're welcome :kissing_heart:

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