Execute flow on startup before all others

Is it possible to execute (and terminate) a flow before all others. For sure we can play with time-out in inject nodes, but that's error prone.

Use case: initialise some global variables/settings at startup to be reused in all other flows.


This way

If you have multiple editor tabs, the flow on the leftmost tab is executed first.

So if your leftmost tab has an inject node set to inject after 0 seconds, the flow it starts should run first of all.
I use the first tab to set global variables like this and it seems to work, but I don't know if NR is guaranteed run a flow to the end before moving to the next.

I don't believe so. There is an exception for the first tab only as I understand it. So that you can get things to run first.

Generally, I believe things mostly run in the order that you added them to your flows. Though of course, there are lots of other influences as well.

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