Execution of a flow before NR shutdown?

Execution of a flow before NR shutdown? I thought I saw a forum thread on this? But I can't seem to find it, so maybe this is not possible currently?

Since I am running a primary and secondary NR setup, not a cluster, no transparent fail-over type of thing. Just stop and start of services as applicable.

It would be nice to implement the graceful fail-over and recovery logic in NR as much as possible. But could just do it external to NR, since the non-graceful control will be external to NR anyway.

There was this topic about redundancy.
Is that what you was looking for?

It is part of ongoing work that the node.done calls are part of. See Use of msg, send, done in node that can also be triggered by button & more than one input msg to one logical process, when to call done?

Yup, that was it, I recall the discussion about how done() support is not complete across everything as yet.

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