Exporting flows to external tools

I am completely new to Node Red but fairly experienced with Node. Is it reasonably feasible to write a plugin that reads a flow and exports it to a dissimilar file format? I have a software package that is fully functional but somewhat unfinished in that it is in bad need of a GUI. It is a fault detection and recovery package designed for embedded systems. It’s fully functional but input files are currently written by hand making it cumbersome and error prone. I think Node Red might a really good fit to perform the fault detection and recovery off target but also to generate the files for target.

It requires a structure to identify data input which at some level is just a character string that identifies a data definition record in a database. The database contains everything needed to generate the specific entry required for the embedded target system for data ingest.

The rest of the output are basically entries that associate the input data with logical operators, custom functions, and resulting actions. These can be chained together to form complex logic flows.

I figure the plugin would parse a flow containing only a specific set of items, and generate the files from that. Is this a reasonably scoped plugin? Could somebody point me to similar examples?

I am not sure I fully understand what you want to do, but if it is reading a flow file and reformatting to something else then why would that be a node-RED plugin rather than just a program that does what you describe?

I suspect there will be no guarantees from the developers that the flow file format will remain constant however, so your convertor could break following an update to node-RED.