Extra (status) information from patterns

Hi folks,

I need the creativity/experience/knowledge of this community.

Finally I am monitoring (with some Shelly plug S) some of my devices at home:

  • Washing machine:


  • Dryer:


  • ...

These devices also have a series of different modes: long washing, eco wash, and so on...
Which means there are multiple different patterns, even for each single device.

I am now wondering in which way(s) I could get useful information from these measured patterns. And what I could do with that information. Some examples that pop up in my mind:

  • When the initial peak of the washing machine is completed, you could send a notification in your dashboard so that you can start another appliance that uses lots of power (to keep your peak demand a bit under control).
  • When the entire pattern is completed, you could send a notification in your dashboard that the laundry is ready.
  • And so on...

I could of course write some quick and dirty javascript code to determine this kind of stuff. But I am now wondering if there are perhaps way to have some reusable algorithm that I could use to extra information from any kind of pattern.

Of course it should be something practical, something that can be implemented in a short amount of time. No time to read a bunch of theoretical papers :yum:



I looked into this a while back. Not easy to implement from scratch. This company offers solutions (I have not tried any of their products):

I think AI would be great for this.

Yes indeed @ghayne I had a (quick) look at that direction. But in that case I needed a wrapper library that makes life easy for me. Otherwise it will never happen... But didn't find one at first sight. I assume because I am using the wrong keywords, since I am not confident in that area.

You don't need a very deep analysis or indeed javascript to achieve your first two thoughts.

Personally I'd value an e-paper display next to the device with "Cost of last run Ā£9.99"

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Hi @jbudd,
Thanks for joining!
If you still have that flow somewhere, it would be nice if you could share it.
That explains indeed in a visual way the logic.

Hmm interesting. Did you implement something like that already in Node-RED?
My collegue at work also had an interesting idea: if the first high peak of the washing machine (i.e. much more power) is being used, then you could send a notification about the fact that an ECO cycle is preferred...

The little flow above? Well it's not real, I just used Node-red to draw a flow chart.

But the switch and trigger nodes are named descriptively, should be simple to reproduce.

I picked 10W arbitrarily as "in use" because who knows how much power an idle washing machine consumes?
Well you do, because of your shelly!

As for the display, I have never done it because I only have smart switches rated for 16 Chinese amps and I'm not sure of the correction factor for UK electricity. So no data.

I have used a smart switch and NR dashboard with an old espresso machine which has a similar consumption pattern - on continuously to boil the water tank then intermittently to maintain pressure.
I store instantaneous consumption values in a database and use SQL to analyse it. Eg how long the initial heating time was last time round can be used to estimate when the tank is nearly empty.

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