Extract data from a JSON structure to be transferred into the table-ui

I'm a newbie trying to put data into a table-ui by getting them from a JSON structure like the following.
How to generate the array to be submitted to the table node?

Thanks in advance for the help.


Can you also specify the output message that should be produced for the specified input which should be used as input for the table ui node?

I think this can be achieved by jsonata expression in a change node.

Hi janvda,

thanks for replying.
It should be something like that

{"Name": "Kazuhito Yokoi","Age": "35", "Favourite Color": "red","Date Of Birth":12/09/1983" },
{"Name": "Oli Bob","Age": "12", "Favourite Color": "cyan","Date Of Birth":12/08/2017"}

basically an array of JSON oblects (?)

Yes - but your object is an object with two arrays inside it - one of which doesn't have repeating object types (so not really columns) - so we can only guess what you want as output ? maybe just the history data ? In which case use a change node to Move the msg.payload.sensor.history to msg.payload and feed that to the table node as a start.

yes, the main info I would need is the history

Many thanks, it worked.

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