Extract JSON object from an URL

Hello everyone. Actually I have an URL address provided by a system engineer that extract data from a data base. when I put this URL in my web Brawser I can see the following:

This is a JSON object that I want to be able to use in node-red, but I'm not sure how. Please if someone has an idea!!!

Try a HTTP Request node with the method set to GET.

... and set to return a parsed json object

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Hi, firstly, "JSON object" is a misnomer. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. In other words, it is a string representation of a JavaScript object. The distinction is important if you wish to become proficient.

Ok, so to do a GET request for JSON data, see this example in the cookbook

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thanks for the clarification, I appreciate it very much, especially since you were not rude. I will check the source you shared with me, thank you :slight_smile:

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