EZtimer flow examples

Trying to integrate the contrib-eztimer node into a flow. My need is for a timer that can be programmatically set with days and on times. Bigtimer looks great but has limited ability to set days and times programmatically. Looked at various other timers and settled on eztimer. With all that said I have overcome various learning obstacles but still cannot get the eztimer to fire. I could post several dozens of flows I have experimented with but my question is does anyone have a flow they are willing to share that shows how to use the various functions of eztimer. I have gone all the way to the end of the internet without finding a flow. I would be open to changing timers but this has now become a personal challenge. The eztimer documentation seems normal for what I have seen but I have worn a hole in the screen running my finger along the commands. With all that said my basic need is to set the timer with various UI's on the dashboard
and sorry for the long rant

Take a look at light scheduler (unless you have to span weeks and not a single week), you can configure it visually.

Or Steve's new cron-plus node.