Failed to load resource: Unacceptable TLS certificate

I was trying to use the Node-RED editor into the Internal Web Browser of eclipse, everything was going well until I go to "Manage palette" to install a new node, when I get a "Failed to load node catalogue" message,

in the browser's console was painted this

If I try to open that URL in the same Internal Web Browser I get

the same "Invalid Certificate" error occurs if I try with and

Also I tried it with an external browser(Firefox) and the problem was not present there.

Note: This continues happening if I click 'no" to the "Invalid Certificate" dialog, if I click "yes" the error goes away with the requests to those URLs mentioned.

My environment is:
RedHat Enterprise v8.1 with public internet access.
eclipse cpp-2020-06
Node-RED v0.20.8 running http://locahost:1880/

Sounds like you've probably got the problem with LetsEncrypt's root cert being switched over and there old one expiring. More details here:

My first suggestion would be to check for updates to any of the eclipse components mainly the browser.

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Well I think you hit the nail on this, also explains why that was working a few weeks ago.
Thanks @hardillb

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